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Boxe de podea Audio Solutions Vantage Classic

190,000.00 lei

The no compromise AudioSolutions Vantage loudspeaker, our finest achievement to date, took three whole years to design and perfect. Meticulous fine tuning aside, it still takes us eight whole weeks to manufacture each single pair.

A speaker with sound so real, you will be hard pressed to distinguish it from a live performance.

A top class speaker should not be limited to an acoustically treated, no-resonance, anechoic chamber. In fact, such chambers are designed for measurements, not enjoyment of music. That’s why a reference AudioSolutions speaker offers something special, not seen elsewhere: an ability to adapt itself to the environment and individual taste of the listener, enabled by a unique fine-tunable crossover.

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Dimensions without plinths (HxWxD) : 1434mm x 347mm x 564mm

Dimensions with plinths (HxWxD) : 1490mm x 481mm x 764mm

Weight : 70 kg each

Shipping weight : 105 kg each

Sensitivity : 92 dB @ 2.83V 1m

Nominal power handling : 300 W rms

Maximum unclipped power handling : 600 W

Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms

Crossover frequency : 50 Hz; 200 Hz; 10 000 Hz

Frequency response (in-room environment) : 21-30000 Hz

Drivers : 2.5 cm silk dome tweeter, 17 cm Egyptian Papyrus mid, two 18 cm SPC paper bass drivers, 26 cm aluminium woofer